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Most of our projects are for ourselves. Every now and then we build sites for our friends because we love them.

Wayward Viking

These runes were carved many moons ago.

The Wayward Viking farms servers in the clouds. He conjures confluent code from pixie dust and meteorite slag. If besought, he will help you find the castle with the princess. When he isn't coding, he might be writing a sonnet. After many years of practice and jousting tournaments, Viking skillfully wields many coding weapons; however, he favors Node.js. Logic, folklore, mythology, and nature influence his creations.

As a direct descendant from a long line of proud Swedes, The Wayward Viking lends his keyboard to the Ottoman with the heaviest purse. The Viking’s feline companion, Great Calamity Kitten Boots, accompanies him on quests of all magnitudes.

Within the kingdom of Open Source, Viking flies the banner of the Node.js Modules team. He is a long time champion of open source code and principles, where he has contributed many lines of code and mentorship.

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